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Swami Vivekanand

Swami Vivekananda

You can not believe in GOD unless you believe in yourself.

Swami Vivekananda is the founder of Ramkrishna Mission in India. He is best known for his speech in Parliament of world Religion held at Chicago in 1893 ,started with ‘ Brother and sister of America.’
Swami Vivekananda was born in aristocrat Kayastha family of Kolkata,on January 12 , 1963 on the eve of Makarsankranti and was given a name Narendranath Dutta. His father Vishvanath Dutta was attorney of Kolkata High court. He was considered as a generouse and liberal human being. His mother Bhubneshvari Devi was a religiouse lady. Narendrath’s thinking and personality was influenced by both of his parents — the father by his rational mind and mother by her religiouse temperament.

Initially Narendranath got home schooling. Afterwards he entered the Metropolitan institution of Ishwarchandra vidhyasagar. Then he appeared for examination for presidency college ,Kolkata. Studied there for while he moved to General Assembly Institution. He studied logic,western philosophy and history of European nation. He passed fine arts examination and became Bachelor of Arts in 1884. Narendranath was really genius as a student. He was regarded as Srutidhara – Man with prodigious memory – among the students and professor.

During the lecture of general Assembly institution he was tought a poem of William Wordsworth named The Excursion . Professor told him that if he wants to know the exact meaning of the poem then he should meet Ramkrishna at Dakshineshwar.

His meeting with Ramkrisha was proved to be turning point of his life. Initially he rejected Ramkrishna `S worship of godess Kali. But Ramkrishana never abandoned his questions and faced every question patiently. Ramkrishna`s sole teaching to Narendranath was ` Every soul is potential divinity.’ And with the passing time Narendranath became the discipline of Ramkrishna.
Ramkrishna took Mahasamadhi on August 16 ,1886 after suffering from the throat cancer. After his mahasamadhi Narendranath became the leader of the monasty. Their first math was established at the bank of Ganga.,where they were doing religious practice. In 1887 Narendranath took the
Afterwards he started his journey in different parts of India, north east west ans south. At Kanyakumari he meditated reportedly on the last rock of India and had vision of India there. This rock is now famously known as Vivekanada Rock Memorial and the vision is called The Kanyakumari Resolution 1892 in which he told the need to raise the masses to raise the nation.
On 11 September 1893, in Assembly of World`S religion he started his speech beginning with ` brother and sister`s of America’ for which he received standing ovation from the crowd of 7000 people. He thought the people to see divinity in each individual and asked for universal brotherhood. He was considered as the most influential figure in assembly.

He continued to give lectures in various western countries and came back to india in January 1 1897. He founded Ramkrishna Mission on May 1 1897, organ for the social service. He founded several bodies of the mission known as Math in all over India which works for well and good for those who are poor and suffering.

He died on 4th July 1902, according to his devotees it was a mahasamadhi. They noted little blood in his nostrils but doctors were unable to found any reason for the blood. He was cremated at temple in Bellur math.

Vivekananda`s thinking and philosophy had affected many of the national leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlala Nehru, Subhashchandra bose, Balgangadhar Tilak. He was a true mix of Indian and western philosophy with vast knowledge of science. He is considered a true spiritual hero of the world.


Practising Swadharma

Practice of Swadharma

The first Adhayay of shreemad bhagwat Geeta is known as Vishadyoga.in this adhayay Arjuna denies to get in to battle with his own relatives.he gives various reasons to explain his decision. and he mentioned that the sanyasi dharma is far better then Khshtriya dharma. he says that it is a sin to kill relatives. it is better to live in woods and ask for bhiksha.

Shri K rishna had listened Arjuna`s argument quietly. He smiled and told Arjuna that it is his duty to follow his Swadharma. if he is going to be a Sanyaasi thaen it would not be fruitful for him and wont provide him peace of mind. Shri Krishna explains Arjuna to follow his swadharma and to take part in the battle.

Through Arjuna`s example Geeta tells all of us to follow our own swadharma. what is swadharma.?Swadharma is the work that is made for us. we dont have to go in search of swadharma. but is finds us. in social life we have to carry out our duty ass a son, husband, wife, daughter or parents. in spiritual life we have live life as per the moral values that are defined by the society.

in proffessional life Swadharma is to carry out your duty that is provided to us . consider your work is the best. you should not compare your work with anyone else. do your work with all your heart even if it is considered non significant by others. your work is giving you an opportunty to showcase your ability. respect the work that is provided to you. we all have to work that is destined for us. work or job is never big or small. our wok is an integral part of us. like lock and key, our abilies are unlocked by practising our swadharma,

never compare your self with others, instead carry out your work in a better way Dont do work as you have to do it, but do it like you love doing it.





CONSCIOUS thinking…………

Those who think never get bored

I hear many people saying they often get bored. They say they have to pass the time – by watching television, wandering around, talking on phone talking with other people.

Those who think never get bored.  Thinking is the sole ability provided to humans. It is largely underestimated ability and is not used properly by many of us.

Thinking should be a conscious process. One should be very much aware of the thoughts one is generating.  One should not generate the waste thoughts. Waste thoughts include thoughts of worry, envy, ego, anger etc.  Thinking should involve generating creative thoughts and thoughts of happiness.

We should be very much watchful for our thought process. We should exercise daily to create thoughts consciously. Initially it will be difficult. But with daily practice you can get rid of waste thoughts.

Getting rid of the waste thoughts will decrease your negativity and improve your positive aura. You will fill much light and happy. The band which you fill daily around your head (we often call it as HEADACHE) will disappear.

You don’t require taking out extra time to watch for your thoughts. You can practice this at anywhere. Like you are travelling in a train. You are just sitting and watching scenes outside. Start looking inwards, start looking at your thoughts.  Make an effort to stop the waste thoughts.  Think creative.

Proper thinking and being watchful for the thoughts require practice initially.


Holy Basil — Tulsi

Tulsi — Holy Basil

Tulsi – holy basil is a sacred plant in India. It is worshipped in each and every Hindu home. A small plant of Tulsi is found in every Hindu home. This plant is kept at the north-east corner of the house as this corner usually has maximum light and proper wind during the day. Hindus worship this plant daily as a ritual. Vaishnavs  –  followers of lord Vishnu , consider Tulsi  as  Shri Radhaji, companion of Shri Krishna. Leaves of holy basils are essential in Hindu rituals.

Lord Vishnu worshipped by Holy Basil. Tulsi is also called VISHNUPRIYA.

Balkrishna is worshipped ny Tulasi ( Holy Basil)

Apart from its religious importance it is also considered to have healing property. its aroma is useful in common cold.

Leaves of Holy basil have healing power. In ayurveda it is called as ELIXIR OF LIFE

As per the botany books, holy basil is of two types. Ram Tulsi – with green big leaves. And Krishna Tulsi – with dark green and small leaves.

Being a Hindu I have grown up watching Tulasi (Holy Basil) in my home.  I have three plants of Tulsi (Holy Basil) at my home. All three plants were initially at the open space in front of house. But few months back I have kept two plants at the terrace due to space problem.

Holy basil plant in my courtyard

The two plants that I have kept on the terrace have become black, and the leaves are also not growing. I am watering them regularly. It seems that they have stop breeding new leaves.  I was worried about these two plants.

Holy basil plant on terrace

This effect on the plant may be due to the excessive sunlight that they are facing daily.( as the plant that is in courtyard is green and growing)  so I have made a shade to prevent the plants from excessive sunlight in after noon hours. I have also started to wet the shed with water in afternoon hours.

Shed over Holy Basil plant

Hope this little measure will improve the health of my Tulsi Plants (Holy Basil).

Advice from the readers for the recovery of my Holy Basil plant will be highly appreciated.


Yoga Vashishtha Ramayan , is a lesser known part of Ramayana. Few people know about it.

Yoga Vashishtha Ramayana contains preaching of Maharishi Vashishth to Lord Shree Rama. The Yoga Vashishtha Ramayana originated through Shree Rama`s aversion to worldly pleasure. After completing the education Shree Rama went on the journey to the holy places. He had seen sorrow, suffering and poverty surrounding him. He also came across the death. He had started thinking that there is no meaning of life. The only thing meant to him was to try to attain to Supreme Lord. Everything around was meaningless to him.

Lord Rama had started to live alone, and was not having any interest in the worldly things. Maharshi Vashishtha had explained Lord Rama how to attain supreme Lord even doing worldly duties. Maharshi Vashishtha`s this preaching is written in Yoga Vashishtha Ramayan.

Shree Vashishtha Rishi preaching Lord Rama

I have started reading this holy book. Daily I am reading only few pages but knowing a lot through words.

Following are the most meaningful words I have read today.

Be like a SEA. Always remain within your boundaries. Accept everything that comes. Remain indifferent to things that have gone. Be engage in your duty.

This explains the way to live the life.  Like SEA.  Sea accepts everything that comes to it. And it remains indifferent to the things that have gone.

Similarly if we can accept everything that comes across us, most of the scarcity in our life will disappear.  By remaining indifferent to the things and people who have gone, sorrow will not be there. And we will never be bitter to anyone.

We should never cross our boundary, as a children, wife or as an employee. Being in behavioral limits we can avoid our daily conflicts.

These are few simple words but if they are put in practice, we can remain full like a sea. Full of life, love and happiness.




No one likes routine life. We as a person need change, from work or from home. To get that change we often go on holidays. We want our body to take rest so that after coming from the holidays we can go on work with greater energy. But is this really true?

Change from your routine will never provide you the much needed rest. Sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours is enough for the body to get rest. People don’t feel fresh even after overnight sleep. For such people no place in the words can provide rest. Rest of the mind can only be attained once you get rid of your thoughts.  One your mind has proper rest your body will automatically gets its part of rest.

Our mind never has chance to take rest as it is working continuously. It is a thinking machine. It generates hundreds of thoughts in a minute. To give your mind rest, you have to get rid of your thoughts.

Now, one will ask a question that how a world can go on if we stop generating thoughts and give our mind rest?

Rest or break is needed for everyone to work well. Even if you keep on driving your car and don’t get it serviced then your car won’t be working well and give you the desired results.

Similarly if you continue to think, then at some point of time your mind will start generating trash thoughts. These thoughts are useless and they will make you feel tired.

So all of us are required to be thoughtless at some point of time.  All of us required to stop, sit quietly and ask our mind to stop thinking.

If you want to color your house with a new paint, first you have to remove the old paint. Similarly to get the new creative thoughts you have to get rid of the trash thoughts first. And for that you have to stop thinking for a while.

Jasmine Plant

My Jasmine plant

I have started gardening. As I don’t have much space around my house, I have few plants in my terrace.  One of my favorite plants is of Jasmine. a white flower with its sweet fragrance just makes a day. I was concerned about this plant as it was not growing properly. Initially it has some flowers and gained height too. But after two months, leaves of the plant started to become yellowish, the leaves became like a net.

I was too concerned about the jasmine. I have read the entire article about how to take proper care of the jasmine plant, and done accordingly. I called a local professional gardener and asked him to do something to prevent the plant from dying. But my all efforts were in vein.


As there were no effects on the growth of the plant, I have decided to do nothing and just to observe it daily. I have started to water the plant on alternate day, and to remove the extra growth surrounding the plant.

To my surprise Jasmine was growing well after few weeks. It has new healthy leaves. There is no net like formation in growing leaves. It is breeding new flowers too. Simple measure has saved my plant.



Can anyone explain why this has happened? And how the plant has improved?

Expressing thoughts

Humans are provided with the greatest gift , the mind. We have mind that thinks a lot. The life of the thought is also short. Thoughts live for a fraction of a second. It is more difficult to find proper words to express a thought.

Those are gifted who can find harmony between mind, thoughts and words. A disciplined mind, creative  thinking and proper words to express the idea  are must to be successful in any field.

Words that are said should be followed by planned actions. Proper and enthusiastic action can yield desired results. Mind , thoughts ,words and actions — all are equally important.  None should be neglected on the pathway to the success.

Give proper attention to each one and move steadily towards your desired goal.